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Do you want a better overview of the company's cards and accounts while simplifying administration? With our web-based tool, not only do you get complete control over purchases and expenses, but you can also access a user-friendly management tool that gives you an overview of the company’s cards and accounts.


If you already use e-admin, you can apply an add-on module: our web-based statistics tool, which gives you access to up-to-date information about your company's travel and purchase expenses. You get a complete overview of all employees' purchases and can see how costs are split across different lines of business, suppliers, locations and time periods, which simplifies budgeting and documentation. You choose whether the statistics should be presented as tables, graphs, charts or in any other format.

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Order our base module e-admin and add one or more of our other modules to gain access to the tools and services your company needs.

You can easily customise our service according to the particular needs of your business. Choose from among our various modules to efficiently manage the cards and accounts your company uses.

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