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Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Can I close my card for online purchases?

    Yes, you can deactivate your card for online purchases if you have one of our private cards. You can close the card completely for online purchases by logging in to My Eurocard and manage your settings under Card Services / Purchase Settings. Corporate cards cannot be completely blocked for online purchases.

    Whatever card you have, we recommend that you keep the preset setting; Safer online purchasing. This way your card is always activated for online purchases affiliated with Mastercard Identity Check and for subscriptions such as Spotify and Netflix. Purchases on other websites may be declined.

    If your payment in an online shop is declined, you will receive an SMS with information on how to activate the card to make a purchase. Therefore, make sure you have your mobile phone available and that you have registered your mobile number on My Eurocard. This way your card can be activated for one hour for online shopping, and your purchase can be completed.

    You are always protected against financial losses – whether you choose to keep the card activated permanently, or just for a while - as long as you have handled the card in accordance with the terms and conditions and have not been negligent.

  • Can I choose my own PIN code?

    Yes, with Eurocard you can choose your own easy-to-remember PIN code.

    Call customer service and ask to choose your own PIN code. Have your card to hand when you call.

    Please note: for security reasons, we do not accept card information via email.

    You will receive a letter in the mail giving you the opportunity to choose your own PIN code. This must be done within 10 days.

  • When is the due date for the next invoice?

    Eurocard usually invoices around the 20th of the month and the invoice is due for payment on the first banking day of the following month. If you pay via a postal slip, you will receive your bank statement approx. on the 25th of the month before the due date.

    If you pay via Payment Service, your payments will be shown in the monthly statement and the payment will be made automatically.

    Invoice date Due date
    16.12.2019 02.01.2020
    16.01.2020 03.02.2020
    14.02.2020 02.03.2020
    16.03.2020 01.04.2020
    16.04.2020 01.05.2020
    14.05.2020 02.06.2020
    16.06.2020 01.07.2020
    17.07.2020 03.08.2020
    17.08.2020 01.09.2020
    17.09.2020 01.10.2020
    19.10.2020 02.11.2020
    17.11.2020 01.12.2020
    15.12.2020 04.01.2021

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