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Part payment

Here, we've gathered everything you need to know about part payment of Eurocard invoices.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Who can make partial payments on their Eurocard?

    If you have one of our private cards, you can choose Eurocard partial payment, and the option also applies to purchases made with any family cards.

    Please note that you must have applied for a credit before you can pay an invoice in part. However, you cannot apply for partial payment of an invoice that we have already sent to you. You can apply for a credit and get a direct reply by logging in to My Eurocard.

  • What is a credit limit?

    To choose partial payment of your invoice, you must have a credit attached to your card. Having a credit limit does not cost extra. You pay interest only when you choose not to pay the entire invoice.

    You can choose a credit limit of DKK 10,000. (we recommend a maximum of 10% of your annual income).

    Of course, there is still no fixed upper spending limit for how much you can pay for with your Eurocard.

  • How do I apply for partial payments?

    You can apply for a credit or increase your credit limit and get an answer right away by logging in to My Eurocard.

  • How much of my invoice can be paid with partial payment?

    If you have chosen partial payments, you can choose how much you want to pay when the invoice arrives. By the due date you have to pay at least 5% of the credit limit used, or a minimum of DKK 250. The minimum amount payable is stated on the invoice. Of course, you can also pay the entire invoice immediately. If you have purchased beyond your credit limit, this amount must also be paid,

    For example: If you have a credit limit of DKK 20,000 and made purchases for DKK 25,000, then you have DKK 20,000 of the total invoice amount that you can choose to pay in part. If the invoice is for DKK 25,000 and you must pay at least DKK 6,000 (DKK 20,000 x 5% = DKK 1,00, plus DKK 5,000 which is the amount that exceeds your credit limit).

    If you had made purchases for DKK 20,000, the minimum payment amount would be DKK 1,000 (DKK 20,000 x 5%).

  • What does it cost to make partial payments on my invoice?

    When it comes to partial payments, it doesn't cost extra to have a credit limit, and you only pay interest on the months where you choose not to pay the full invoice amount.

    Under price and terms, you can read more about rates that apply to your card, and see a calcuation example of effective interest rates when choosing partial payment.

    Price and terms for private card


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