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Which app should I choose?

Which Eurocard app should I download: Eurocard or Eurocard Pro?

If you have a private and / or corporate Eurocard card we recommend that you download our Eurocard app for free. The app will enable you to upload receipts, see your invoices, check your current balance, pin code and much more.

If you are a small company and have the need for transaction enrichment for your Eurocard corporate card, we recommend that you download the Eurocard Pro app. Here you can add in further details or comment on each transaction, alongside reporting all expenses. The app is free of charge.

Expense reporting in the app

Expense manager


With the Eurocard app you have full control of your payments and receipts. In the app you can see your balance, transactions and invoices. It also features smarter handling of your expenses. You can for example scan anad save your paper receipts in the app.

Download the app here:

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Expense reporting in the app

Simple expense reporting

With the Eurocard Pro app you can choose to send your expense reports together with your digital receipts to your manager or accountant. These expense reports and digital receipts can be viewed via the overview of our web based tool and downloaded to a computer.