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Invoicing questions

Here, we've gathered everything you need to know about Eurocard invoices.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Where do I find my receipts?

    All receipts are kept by the store and not by Eurocard. However, now you can save and store your receipts digitally using the Eurocard app. So your digital receipts can always be found.

  • Where can I see my invoices?

    You can view your invoices on My Eurocard, where you also can stay up to date if you need information about your balance or transactions before the invoice arrives. You can also download the Eurocard app.

  • When is the due date for the next invoice?

    You will receive the invoice once a month if you have used the card. You can choose to have your billing 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or the 30th every month.

  • What is the due date on my invoice?

    The default invoice due date is 15 days after the selected invoice date.

    For an extra fee, you can extend the payment period by up to 10 days.

  • Can I extend the payment deadline on my invoice?

    If needed, you can extend the payment period by up to 10 days at a fee. It increases your flexibility if, for example, you travel a lot.

    If you would like to extend the payment time, you can contact out Customer services or your account manager for more information.

    Price and terms for private cards
    Price and Terms corporate cards

  • Can I receive the invoice as an e-invoice?

    With eFaktura you receive the invoice directly to your online bank. All information is complete, so you only need to approve. Using e-invoicing is both simple and environmentally friendly.

    To activate eFaktura:

    • Log in to your online bank and select e-invoicing.
    • Select Eurocard, branch of Eurocard AB as supplier.
  • Can I pay the invoice by direct debit?

    Yes, you can pay the invoice by direct debit.

  • How do I pay for my card without an invoice?

    You can make a payment to our bank account number 9750.06.24381. Remember to apply a KID number. If you do not have a KID number from the previous invoice, contact our Customer services.

    You can also find information on payments by logging in to My Eurocard.

  • Can I pay my invoice from abroad?

    Yes, if you pay from abroad (via a foreign Internet bank), use the following information:

    IBAN NO6197500624381
    BIC (Swift) ESSENOKX

    Remember to apply a KID number. Our bank connection is:

    SEE The Bank
    Oslo branch
    PO Box 1843 Vika
    0213 Oslo

  • Why is VAT not stated in all my purchases?

    We are not liable for VAT accounting, the store is. However, it's up to them if they choose to report VAT to us or not. Therefore, VAT may not be included on your invoice for all purchases you have made. In this instance, you will have to refer to your receipt for the VAT.

  • How do I change my personal information?

    If you need to change your personal information, such as your name or a address, our customer database is linked to the National Register. Contact us if you want to use a different address.

    You can change your phone number and email address yourself by logging in to My Eurocard.

  • Can I receive my invoices via email?

    Unfortunately, you cannot receive an invoice via email for security reasons. However, you can sign up for receiving eFaktura for your card.


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With the Eurocard app you have full control of your payments and receipts. In the app you can see your balance, transactions and invoices. It also features smarter handling of your expenses. You can for example scan anad save your paper receipts in the app.

Download the app here:

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