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    Travel Insurance Information

    Since March 13, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UM) has advised against all unnecessary travel in the world as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and also calls on all Danes to return home.

    Are you abroad?

    Please contact your travel provider (e.g., travel agent or airline) for information on how to get home. Also, remember to keep up to date with local government instructions as the guidelines may change continuously.

    If you cannot get help from your travel provider, contact Tryg Alarm on +45 70226213.

    Have you booked a trip?

    If you have purchased and paid for a trip before March 13 and have a departure date in the near future, contact your travel provider (e.g., travel agency or airline) for re-booking or reimbursement.

    If you have purchased a package tour, i.e., a trip consisting of several services, such as a hotel and airline tickets or a hotel and excursion, your tour operator must repay the full amount when the UM advises you not to travel. It is stated in the Danish Package Travel Act.

    If you have purchased the journey from a broker, for example a website that arranges travel for a travel agency, they are liable to you in the same way.

    If you have had travel expenses that are not covered by others, you can submit a claim for claims via

    Do you have questions regarding cancellation insurance in connection with Corona, please contact Tryg on phone +45 44204496.

  • When can I use the evacuation cover (applies only to Eurocard Gold and Eurocard Platinum)

    Coverage became active throughout the world at the same moment the government recommended everyone to come home to Denmark, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs changed the marking of the world from yellow to orange. To use your evacuation cover, you must first contact your travel agent or airline.

    If you cannot get help from your travel agent or airline, contact Tryg by phone on +45 44204496. Despite the extra staffing, they are very busy, and we hope for your understanding and patience if there is a wait on the phones.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that you contact the nearest embassy or consulate if you need assistance.

  • What if I choose to travel even if the Foreign Ministry discourages unnecessary travel?

    If you choose to travel, you lose the right to compensation for events related to Corona, such as medical or hospital expenses, evacuation and involuntary stay.

  • When do I get my money back from the airline / travel agent?

    If you have received confirmation from your airline / travel agent that an amount is being refunded, just wait. It can take between 2-30 days from the confirmation until you receive the amount – depending on the company's redemption agreement.