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The State Department (UD – Utenriksdepartementet) advises against all unnecessary travel to all countries. Your travel insurance covers cancellation or rebooking of travel to destinations where the State Department has issued travel restrictions.

When the State Department advises against travel to countries or destinations, the travel agencies will often give you the opportunity to rebook or receive a refund. Therefore, you should always contact the tour operator, travel agency, airline and hotel to check what is refundable and to find out how they can assist you.

Your travel insurance may cover expenses that cannot be reimbursed by the tour operator.

If you are in a corona-affected area at this point, and you are in need of medical care, call Tryg's 24-hour emergency center on +47 21 89 66 75.

See updated travel advice on the Government's website.

Read more about what is included in each insurance policy and here you can find also contact information to your insurance company:
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