Smart. Whether your purchases are small or large.

Many credit cards have a spending limit. Eurocard doesn't.

As there is no upper spending limit, you have a greater flexibility in your life and can embrace the unexpected adventures. Eurocard also offers a number of smart services, insurances and benefits that make every purchase a little bit smarter. Discover the benefits of the world’s most widely accepted card.

Dreams have no limits. Neither does Eurocard.



Airport lounges throughout Europe


Travel and cancellation insurance


Pay your trip in instalments


No pre-set spending limit

Your best travel companion

Eurocard app

Complete control of your purchases, invoices and receipts with our app

No worries

Compensation for e.g. delayed luggage


Whether your purchases are small or large

Partial payments take you where you want to go

Do you need some extra room in your budget to push through with a dream or cover an unexpected expense? You can pay your invoice in instalments, at a repayment rate that's convenient for you.

Secure online shopping

With Eurocard, you can shop safely online and pay once your invoice arrives. If you by any unlucky chance don’t receive what you ordered and paid for, we can help you file a complaint.

With Eurocard you always have access to good discounts

Download our app to access your offers.


How much smartness do you need?

We have many smart ways to simplify payments and everyday life for you and your family. Start with one of our card packs below.

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When it comes to payments, every individual needs an individual solution. An easy way to find a solution that fits your every need – is to have us tailor it for you. Get in touch with us and we will tell you how.

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