Free yourself from paper receipts

Expense claims is easier without paper receipts

We are now launching Smart receipts – a solution that automatically delivers the receipt to your smartphone, pairs it with the right transaction and sends it to your expense management system.

Who do we collaborate with?

It simplifies life for everybody – from sales reps to accountants.

It’s time to save time

Employees spend on average 24 minutes to report an expense report. If you have 3,750 employees making 5 claims per year, they spend 7, 536 hours on expense claims. Roughly 942 workdays.

Source: The report Time is Money – based on a study conducted by The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.

The benefits of Smart receipts


The receipt is delivered to your smartphone, automatically paired with the right transaction and sent to your expense management system.


The automatic process lowers risk and cut administration costs. No more missing receipts.


Everybody saves valuable time – cardholders and administrators. A smart way to save money.

Do you need a tailor made solution?

When it comes to payments, most companies have unique needs. The simple way to get a solution that suits you, is to let us customize it. Contact us and we will tell you how it works.

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