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Secure payment solutions in uncertain times


Expense handling services

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Employees working from home has made it even more difficult for companies to manage box after box of physical receipts from countless online shops. Administering this can cost a company both time and money. An unavoidable problem? “Far from it”, says Ila Sabet Bergström, Head of Corporate Segment at Eurocard.

The pandemic has not only shifted our perspective. It has changed how we socialize, communicate and travel. And with this, there is an inevitable shift in our ways regarding purchases and payments, especially in the world of business.

When employees work from home and begin to communicate with each other only through digital channels, it can have a sudden and disastrous impact on old, often fully manual workflows. This shift can make it difficult for any company to have the same overview as before.

Boosting employee motivation

So, in times like these, how can companies ensure that paper receipts are reported correctly to accounting, or that travel expenses are signed and approved by each manager?

Ila Sabet Bergström has a suggestion on how to make corporate payments easier, while reducing costs, increasing revenue and boosting employee motivation.

A digital flow

”As employees increasingly work remotely, the need for more digital and efficient expense management services also increases. All companies, both large and small, demand a solution that creates a seamless digital flow; from the time the purchase is made, all the way into the company's business system”.

And the digitalization and streamlining of company processes is something that Eurocard has long had experience with, from corporate cards to integrated payment solutions and accounting. With smart end-to-end solutions, Eurocard can help all companies both small and large, to a simpler economy.

Ila Sabet Bergström says that expense management, in particular, has become a major challenge for many companies.

”Sometimes it can feel like a game of Memory; which receipt goes with which transaction?”

Less time chasing missing paper

With Eurocard this is no longer an issue, meaning that companies can spend less time chasing missing paper receipts and more time on core business activities. Aside from saving time and money, this can also contribute to happier and more focused employees, something which is important assets for large companies – as well as brand new startups.

“With a flexible and digital payment solution, which can easily be tailored, companies are kitted and ready for future challenges. When the times change, so too do Eurocard payments solutions.”

Digital expense reporting allows you to:

  1. Increase revenue and cut costs.
  2. Gain more control and overview.
  3. Have more time for your core business.

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