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Expense reporting in the app

You can no longer order this service from us, as it is closing as of December 29, 2023. Below, you will find answers to a series of questions regarding the change.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Who can use What is Expense Management?

It is a service in the Eurocard Pro app that allows customers with Eurocard corporate cards to report expenses as digital expense reports to an assigned Report Manager. 

When will the Expense Management service close down?

YThe service will no longer be active from 29.12.23. This means that the app functionality and the Report Manager portal will no longer be accessible.


Is there an alternative service for Expense Management?

Yes. There are alternative services available to manage company expenses and they can be found here. We recommend the company administrator to review these options and onboard to the new solution as soon as possible.

What is the price for Cardlays alternative service?

Cardlay Expense consists of two parts - Smart receipts provided by Eurocard and the expense management system provided by Cardlay. The price is therefore divided and is:

  • DKK 250 to us for the delivery of authorizations, transactions and receipts to Cardlay
  • DKK 410 to Cardlay for the expense handling solution.
What will happen to all information and data in the Report Manager portal?

Once the service is closed you will no longer have access to the information and data stored on the portal. This will all be erased and will not be able to be retrieved. It is therefore very important that all data is downloaded and stored by the Report Manager at the company.

Can I use the service until it is closed down?

Yes, you can still use and access the service in both the app and web tool until it is closed. The last date that you can submit a report is December 15, 2023. The last date you can log in to the app and portal will be December 29, 2023.  

How do I store the reports that are currently in the Report Manager portal?

You can store reports by downloading them from the portal. Use this step-by-step guide(pdf) to download your reports.

Do I need to do anything to stop the service?

You do not need to do anything to stop the service, the only thing you need to do is ensure any reports needed for archiving and auditing purposes are extracted. Please use this step-by-step guide (pdf) to assist in doing this.

Will I still be charged for the service?

No, you will not be charged to use the service from the first notice of the service closing down. The subscription fee will no longer be taken from your corporate card.

Can I add new cardholders to the service until it is closed?

No. The ability to activate ‘Expense Management’ in the app has been removed so only cardholders with an active subscription today can use the service.  

Can I still use the app without the Expense Management service?

Yes, for a while. The Eurocard Pro app will also be shut down so we recommend cardholders to download the Eurocard app now to continue viewing transactions, capturing receipts and managing your corporate card. All receipts previously attached to a transaction will appear in the new Eurocard app.

Who can download reports and what access rights do they have?

All existing Report Managers will be able to download reports for their assigned cardholders. Until the service is closed down, new Report Managers can be assigned. To do this, cardholders can add new Report Managers in the Eurocard Pro app under settings. It is also here you can find who you have assigned as your Report Manager.  

Can more than one person download reports, and can that person, for example, be an external auditor?

Yes, the company can have more than one Report Manager, and it can be an external person, for example, the company's auditor. Any user who has been assigned a Report Manager can upload reports.

What should the person receiving my expense reports do in connection with the upcoming shutdown of the expense management service in the Pro app?

Your assigned Report Manager(s) should download the reports to ensure they have them for archiving and auditing purposes. This can be done via the Report Manager portal and a guide on how to this can be found here (pdf) .

How long are my reports and receipts stored in the Report Manager web tool?

The reports will no longer be stored in the web tool and we therefore recommend that you download all reports needed for auditing and archiving purposes. For help doing this, please use our guide (pdf).

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