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Makes everything simpler, from paying to reporting

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A card that simplifies


When you pay

A flexible credit card that gives you the freedom to pay for anything.

When you report

Save your receipts digitally and report all your expenses directly from your phone.

When you approve

Fast and simple expense management without any unnecessary admin time.

When bookkeeping

Smart integrations with most accounting systems means more time for what really matters.

Expenses with private cards create stress

Our report shows that one in four employees do not get reimbursed in time for their work related expenses, which leads to increased stress. The solution is a corporate card.

  • 43% use their private card for work related expenses.
  • 10% use a corporate card with employee liability for invoices.
  • 31% feel nervous about their employer not reimbursing them in time.

The survey was conducted by Prime & United Minds on behalf of Eurocard at the end of 2022 in Sweden and Norway. The respondents in the survey are employees and decision makers.

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If you have multiple authorized signatories, please read here on how to proceed. 

Eurocard Corporate Gold

from € 45 /year

When you need a card that simplifies your payments, reporting, and accounting. Everything you need to provide you and your colleagues with a smooth workday.

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  • Travel protection
  • Lounges (for an additional fee)
  • Eurocard Portal
  • Travel protection
  • Lounges (for an additional fee)
  • Eurocard Portal

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Access to the Eurocard Portal

The Eurocard Portal gives you a handy overview of all company cards. You can easily add or remove cards and even set different spending limits for each one.

  • Flexible administration of corporate cards
  • Quick access to invoices
  • Easily add additional cards

Choose your corporate card

Frequently asked questions

Which corporate card is the best?

The best corporate card has transparent fees in order to provide the company with a clear and accurate budget. It has a high credit limit and facilitates accounting with digital or photographed receipts directly into the accounting system. It features a good admin portal for the responsible party to manage the cards, set limits, and handle them efficiently. It is accepted at all major establishments worldwide. It includes insurance coverage and relevant additional services as needed.

What is a corporate card?

With a corporate card, you can cover business-related expenses. This often includes shorter trips with expenses like taxi bills or business lunches. It simplifies the handling of receipts and accounting since you never have to use your own money.

How much does a corporate card cost?

The best corporate card has transparent fees, ensuring that the company has a clear and accurate budget which assists in easy and accurate planning. Depending on the level, Eurocard corporate cards cost between 45 and 112,5 € per year per card. Different corporate card suppliers have different arrangements, but nothing is free. You may incur charges based on, for example, the amount of credit used, so it's important to read the fine print in the agreements.

How does one obtain a corporate card?

Depending on how your organizational structure is set up, different rules apply. Companies with a single authorized signatory can apply for Eurocard corporate cards using a digital application form. If the company has multiple authorized signatories, you must first apply for access to our Eurocard Portal using a PDF, and after this access is created you will then be able to order the corporate cards within the same portal.

What can one purchase with a corporate card?

Most often, the company has guidelines for what is allowed to be purchased with the corporate card. Eurocard corporate cards has a flexible upper purchase limit and are suitable for expenses related to travel, purchasing goods, or any other business-related transactions.

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