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The flexible corporate card

Makes everything simpler, from paying to reporting

A card that simplifies


When you pay

A flexible credit card that gives you the freedom to pay for anything.

When you report

Save your receipts digitally and report all your expenses directly from your phone.

When you approve

Fast and simple expense management without any unnecessary admin time.

When bookkeeping

Smart integrations with most accounting systems means more time for what really matters.

For the card holder

Keep us on hand

With the Eurocard app, you can take care of everything with just a few taps, even when you’re on the go. A bit like a helping hand which keeps track of all your invoices, receipts, cards and balances.

  • Snap a photo of your receipts and store them digitally in the app.
  • Get updates on all account actions in real time.
  • Peace of mind when things don’t go as planned and quick access to your travel protection terms.
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For the card administrator

Access to the Eurocard Portal

The Eurocard Portal gives you a handy overview of all company cards. You can easily add or remove cards and even set different spending limits for each one.

  • Flexible administration of corporate cards
  • Quick access to invoices
  • Easily add additional cards
Choose your corporate card

Choose the company card that best suits you

We have many smart ways to simplify payments for everyone at your company. Start with one of our card packs. Add services according to your needs.

Eurocard Corporate Gold

Eurocard Corporate Gold is everything you and your employees need to pay safely and securely.

from € 45 /year

  • In full control with the app
  • Travel protection
  • Lounges (for an additional fee)
  • Eurocard Portal

Select the invoice model for company cards (the company is financially responsible for the invoice being paid regardless of model):

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Choose virtual cards for online purchases

Do your employees often make smaller purchases online? No matter whether you buy digital ads or flight tickets, all purchases are collated on a single invoice which can also be sent straight to your financial system.

Want to pay in a different way?

The best way to get a perfect solution for your company: let us tailor it for you. Get in touch with us today.

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