Terms, conditions and prices


Prices as of 1 June 2023


Eurocard Gold

Annual fee €50 (incl. travel insurance)
Family card €30

Other prices

Removal of deductible for travel insurance €10
Card renewal during the current validity period (e.g. change of name, replacement card) €15
Re-order of PIN €5
Change of PIN (card must be changed) €10
Express delivery in Finland €40
Express delivery abroad €50
Reminder letter €5
Change of due date €5
Payment agreement €15
Change of credit limit €10
Balance transfer to another card €10
Balance certificate €5
Certificate of credit history €20
Charge for confiscating of the card €150
Cash withdrawal fees (% of amount withdrawn) 3%, min €2
Copy of account statement During current year, per statement: €5. Previous years, per half hour: €50
Copy of receipt Domestic: €5. Foreign: €10
Acquiring of new customer contact information €5
Currency adjustment Non-euro purchases and cash withdrawals are converted to euro by using Mastercard exchange rate added with: 2% plus additional costs charged by Mastercard.


Information about the applicable interest rate is displayed on invoice/account statement. Information about the annual percentage rate (APR) can be found in the Standard European Consumer Credit Information form.

Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions (pdf)
Standard European consumer credit information (pdf)
Terms for digital receipts (pdf)

Currency conversion from foreign currency to €

When converting from a foreign currency to € or when exchanging currency, the exchange rate received by Eurocard is used. The exchange rate consists of a reference exchange rate received by Eurocard from Mastercard and applicable on the day of the transaction, Mastercard will receive, together with a currency exchange surcharge as stated in the price list. Other reference exchange rates may in exceptional cases be applied.

Check your exchanges rates

The credit limit of Eurocard Gold is 1.000–10.000 euro. The interest rate for a credit in use is 3 month euribor + 7 %. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) on a credit of 1.500 euro in use is 18,88 %. The reference rate used in the calculation of the APR is 3 month euribor (04/2024) and the annual fee of 50 euro has been taken into account therein. The estimated total payable credit of 1.500 euro, including interest and annual fee, is 1.638.89 euro assuming that the credit period is 12 months, the credit interest, the payments and the fees remain the same during the credit period and the credit is repaid monthly in 12 equal instalments. The agreement is valid 12 months at a time, unless the agreement is terminated. Additional information about the credit can be found in the Standard European Consumer Credit Information form, the card terms and conditions, and the price list.