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Have you considered using a virtual corporate card but are unsure about its benefits? Below are three situations where using a virtual card is easier and offers more control.

1. If several employees make purchases online for the company

If several employees are buying different things online, such as software licences or office supplies, you can use a common virtual card. The card administrator authorises the individual purchases and all the transactions are consolidated in a monthly invoice, which provides both an overview and good statistical data. You can of course also have several different virtual cards, and have one per department, for example, and it is easy to change the administrator of the card if someone changes job or leaves the company.

2. If you regularly advertise on social media

There are several advantages to using a virtual card if you buy recurring digital advertising online, such as ads on Facebook or Google. You don’t have to deal with a physical card, which might get lost, and all of your purchases, regardless of the platform you bought advertising on, are consolidated in one invoice, which is sent to you by Eurocard once a month.

3. If employees usually make purchases using their private cards

In many companies, individual employees make online purchases for the company using their personal cards and need to spend their own money before being reimbursed by the company. Using a virtual corporate card prevents this, as the invoice goes directly to the company, which also has better control and an overview of the purchases made.

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