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“We don’t have a solution. We have solutions.” Mads Moesgaard, Nordic Business Manager at Eurocard, says that the demand for a seamless digital expense management is high in all industries, and in companies of all sizes. And that Eurocard can offer many different solutions for many different needs.

Today companies of all shapes and sizes struggle with the same problem - expense management. With missing paper receipts, unaccounted travel expenses and time consuming approval processes, things can get really messy - really fast.

But where do you even start?

We spoke to Mads Moesgaard, Nordic Business Manager at Eurocard, to see if there’s a solution that can clear the clutter (and maybe even spark some joy along the way.)

Stuck with manual paper management

“How companies handle expense reporting differs a lot. Some companies tend to be stuck with manual paper management, while most medium and large companies often have more advanced systems in place to simplify the workload by digitalizing as much as possible. Some even have custom programmed systems.”

And there are some real perks to going digital. Studies actually indicate that an expense management tool with digital integration to card transaction, can reduce time spent on reporting with as much as 60%. Less time stressing about reports means more time doing the actual work – and a lot happier employees.

Seamless and integrated solutions

“There are already many expense management systems out there; systems that can help companies achieve those benefits. Very good systems, many of them custom made to fit that exact company” Mads says. By working closely together with the companies and their existing systems, we can help create unique, seamless and integrated solutions.”

However not all companies are ready to start using an expense management system. “Many of those companies seem to think that setting up a system is hard and time consuming and not worth the effort. So they choose not to, or “maybe next year.”, Mads continues. “But here Eurocard has created an easy-to-use solution that offers these companies an simple way to start digitalizing the expense flow”.

With Eurocard expense manager the cardholders just have to download the Eurocard App. Then they can start approving the transactions right away, get the expenses instantly approved by the manager and transferred directly to the company’s accounting system.

A hassle

But one thing that really creates a hassle for small, as well as big companies is the handling of all the paper receipts. And paper receipts seem to always have been a thing of the past;

“Just think about it: when an employee makes a purchase, the merchant creates a digital version of the receipts in their cash register system. That digital receipt is then printed as an analog version that the employee then needs to re-digitalize to be able to make the expense report. Such a detour!”

Therefore, Eurocard has created an offering that helps companies replace paper receipts with digital receipts. An offer that not only makes them stand out in the competition, but actually turns that detour into a real shortcut. A shortcut that not only saves time and energy, but money as well.

Why Eurocard is different.

  1. Expense manager
    A service that makes it possible for companies that don’t have an expense management system in place, to digitize the entire process from payment to bookkeeping. Smart and easy.
  2. Smart receipts
    A solution that automatically delivers a digital receipt to the buyer´s smartphone, pairs it with the right transaction and sends it to the company´s expense management system.
  3. Universal
    Big or small business. TEM or no TEM. Eurocard’s solution works for every company and everyone.

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