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Expense reporting in the app

Here we have collected everything you need to know about expense reporting in the app.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Who can use Expense reporting in the app?

It suits best for small companies without the need for any approval processes. With Expense rapporting in the app, the cardholder can report expenses and the company is able to view cardholders expense reports and digital receipts in a web based tool.

How do I apply for the service?

You don’t need to apply for the service. The cardholders just need to download Eurocard Pro app and activate Expense reporting under Settings. A cardholder can also inactivate (and activate again if needed) the service from the app whenever needed.

Download the app here:

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Who can handle the expenses and what access rights do they have?

The company decides who will be their Report Manager(s) and the cardholder adds that information in the app under Settings. The Report Manager gets information by e-mail when expense report is done and can log in to the system to se the expenses.

There is no approval process in the service, but the Report Manager can view transactions and receipts and then download them.

How do the employees handle their expenses?

After a purchase is being made by the employee it is immediatley shown in the Eurocard Pro app. The cardholder can then scan the receipt and add a comment to the purchase.

All other relevant info regarding the purchase (i.e. the amount, date, category and VAT) can be seen automatically in the app.

The cardholder can gather all the transactions in the app and create expense report and send it to the Report Manager.

Can we have more than one person handling expenses and can they be outside the company?

A company can have more than one Report Managers and they can ent it outside the company to an accountant.

What is Expense reporting in the app?

Its a functionality in our Eurocard Pro app that allows customers with Eurocard Corporate cards to report their expenses as a digital expense reports to a Report Manager within the company or e.g. an external accounting company.

What's the difference between Expense reporting in the app and Expense manager?

Expense reporting in the app is best suited for small companies without any need for an approval processes, but just want an easy way of sending expenses together with digitally receipts. For companies with the need to approve expenses, we recommend Expense manager. Expense manager has the ability to approve/reject expenses, configure accounting settings for easier bookkeeping, direct integration to accounting systems.

What can the person receiving my expense reports do?

After you have given them access to your expense reports from the app they will have access to our web tool "Report manager" where they can see all your expense reports, view the content (Expenses, receipts, comments etc) of every report, and download all reports to their computer in a PDF and CSV file. All receipts in a report can also be downloaded in one zip-file.

How long are my reports and receipts stored in the report manager web tool?

They are stored in report manager for 3 years. We recommend you or the Report Manager to download them to a computer if you want to store them longer.

How can expense reporting in the app be used with our accounting tool?

All expense reports can be downloaded from the report manager web tool in CSV file format. Most accounting tools support the possibility to import these CSV files.

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Prices, terms & conditions

Expense reporting in the app

Simple expense reporting

With the Eurocard Pro app you can choose to send your expense reports together with your digital receipts to your manager or accountant. These expense reports and digital receipts can be viewed via the overview of our web based tool and downloaded to a computer.

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