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Expense handling services

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Reduce stress and increase motivation within your company by opting for digital receipt management.

For most companies, receipt management is something that is necessary and takes up time and energy that could be spent on other tasks. It is therefore important to make the process as smooth as possible for employees. As well as their purely practical benefits, such as the time saved and lower error rates, digital receipts also have a positive effect on employee satisfaction.

The solution to your problem:

In our survey of 235 Nordic companies, we found a 190% increase in employee satisfaction when employees are offered digital receipt management compared with staff who have to process paper receipts.

Advantages of a company card

Another great tool for increasing employee satisfaction, in addition to switching to digital receipts, is a company card. The advantages of having a company card for employees include:

  • No personal liability for business expenses
  • Expenses are always reimbursed even if the paper receipt has been lost
  • Personal credit does not need to be used for expenses
  • The reimbursement of expenses is guaranteed even if the employer goes bankrupt.

Did you know that ...

  • 56% of companies say paper receipts take too long to process
  • 64% of companies say direct digital receipts increase their employee satisfaction rate

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