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Make expense management smoother

Our digital solution that simplifies expense management for the entire company.

Make expense management smoother

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With the Expense manager you’ll avoid piles of receipts and instead, earn valuable time.

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Approve your employees’ expenses digitally

With our Expense manager, we digitize the entire process from payment to bookkeeping - quickly, effectively and with greater control.

This is how the Expense manager works:

  1. Employees make a purchase with their Eurocard corporate card.
  2. Employees scan the receipt, add comments and report the purchase as an expense in the Eurocard Pro app.
  3. Expenses with all the associated information are sent directly to the Expense manager.
  4. Expenses are now ready to be easily approved by a manager or controllers.
  5. All expenditures can be exported to your finance system.

Here you find answers to some common questions we get (pdf)

The benefits of the Expense manager:

Easier receipt handling

Easier receipt handling

Report expenses and receipts via the Eurocard Pro app.

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Real-time overview

Real-time overview

All expenses can be seen immediately with the right receipt

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Keep track of all expenses

Keep track of all expenses

Ready for easy approval

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Get EU VAT back

Get EU VAT back

Add Vattax and get your money back

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Easier receipt handling

Report expenses on the move

With the Eurocard Pro app you can easily scan receipts and report expenses. You’ll avoid piles of receipts and instead, earn valuable time.

Benefits of the app

  • Expenses are reported directly with the associated receipt
  • Receipts and purchases are paired easily
  • The information is sent to the Expense manager for approval
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Real-time overview

Control over company expenses

In the Expense manager, each purchase is paired with the correct receipt. You don’t have to chase additional information from employees.

Benefits of the Expense manager

  • Easy control over employee expenses
  • All reported expenses are visible immediately
  • Every expense has the correct receipt
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Keep track of all expenses

Approve expenses immediately

When all transactions are collected, it’s easy to approve expenses. You save time and minimise the risk of mistakes.

Benefits of the Expense manager

  • Category and VAT are managed
  • Ready for easy approval
  • All expenditures can be exported to your financial management system
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The amount of VAT you can reclaim

Annual travel expenses in the EU

Potential tax rebate


Average dividend in the nordics is 17%

Simplified EU VAT

Reclaim VAT for your journeys within the EU

With Vattax, it becomes easy to reclaim VAT on travel-related purchases made with your Eurocard corporate card in Europe. The entire process is managed digitally. Vattax can be added to the Expense manager, free of charge.

Benefits of Vattax

  • Web-based tool for managing your EU VAT
  • Select the expenses which must be forwarded for VAT refund
  • Vattax handles the rest of the process.

The service is provided by Vattax in cooperation with PwC.

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