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Reduce the risk of receipt management errors to 0%


Expense handling services

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With digital receipts and fully digital expense management, covering the whole process from purchases to bookkeeping, you can eliminate the stress that many of your employees may feel and the errors that can occur when processing paper receipts

Having to process paper receipts is a source of unnecessary stress and frustration for many. Our recent survey of 235 companies in the Nordics shows that it increases the risk of fraud and makes it more difficult for companies to comply with laws and regulations. Paper receipts can become lost, be destroyed or be incorrectly reported. This is often because of poorly scanned receipts or frustration with ineffective receipt management systems, which then leads to incorrectly entered data.

The solution to your problem:

Direct digital receipts, means a digital receipt is sent directly from the merchant to the customer’s mobile phone, where it is matched with the correct transaction and then transmitted to the company’s expense management system. This makes it practically impossible for receipts to be lost or destroyed before they have been approved. Direct digital receipts are part of the Smart receipts solution that we offer.

Did you know that ...

... 77% of the companies that participated in our survey said that digital receipt management, using an app or direct digital receipts, had a positive effect on the expense control process. This then reduces the risk of accounting errors, which is important for finance departments, as they need to ensure that expenses comply with company policy and current legislation.

Download our survey “It’s not hard to be smart” here 

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