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Save 12.5 minutes per receipt


Expense handling services

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Stop wasting time processing paper receipts. With direct digital receipts, you can save 12.5 minutes per receipt, from the actual purchase to the bookkeeping of the expense.

Many people would probably be surprised to learn that companies in the Nordic region spend an average of almost 14 minutes on every paper receipt. This was revealed by our survey of 235 companies. For an organisation that handles a lot of receipts, the unnecessary hours spent quickly add up.

The solution to your problem:

With direct digital receipts, the processing time per receipt can be reduced by as much as 12.5 minutes, enabling a smooth and rapid receipt management process.

Direct digital receipts, means a digital receipt is sent directly from the merchant to the customer’s mobile phone, where it is matched with the correct transaction and then transmitted to the company’s expense management system. Direct digital receipts are part of the Smart receipts solution that we offer.

Did you know that ...

... Our survey shows that an organisation can save a full working day for every 275 receipts processed by switching to direct digital receipts.

This is how much time a company can save per receipt processed at each stage in the process:

  • The employee who made the purchase: - 8.5 minutes
  • The employee who approves the expense: - 1.6 minutes
  • The employee who records the expense in the accounts: - 2.4 minutes

Download our “It’s not hard to be smart” report here

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