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Digital receipts to your phone


Smart receipts

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Imagine a world where you don’t need to submit paper receipts. Does it even exist? Absolutely. Now you can have digital receipts sent directly to your phone, like after a work-related taxi ride. They’re automatically paired with the right transaction and transferred to your expense management system.

Paper receipts are usually the start of a tedious chain of events that affect a large number of people in your company. From the employees who need to report their expenses, to the accountants in your finance department who need to handle them. This process often leads to a lot of frustration.

With our solution, Smart receipts, life will be easier for everyone involved.

This is how it works:

As soon as you make a purchase with your corporate card, you instantly receive a digital receipt in the Eurocard app on your mobile phone. You can also take a picture of the receipt or upload a pdf receipt to the app. The receipt will then automatically be paired with the right transaction in your mobile phone, and sent to the company expense management system.

This automated process will free up more time for you and your colleagues, while reducing the risk of errors.

Smart receipts in brief:

  1. Make a purchase with your card.
  2. A digital receipt instantly appears in the app and is paired with the right transaction.
  3. The receipt that has been paired with your purchase is automatically transferred to the company expense management system.

The ultimate in expense management

  • Automatically pairs receipts with the right purchase data
  • Minimize risks and cut administration costs
  • Save valuable time for both employees and administrators
  • Purchase data and receipts sent straight to your expense management system

Smart receipts

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