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Expense handling services

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Take the next step in expense handling

With our expense managing services you can easily improve your company’s expense management. No matter how far you and your company have come in your journey towards digitalization, we can help you find a more effective solution.

Do you use an expense management system today?

Do you use an expense management system today?

Four parts designed to work together




Reporting on-the-go


Digital approval of expenses


Easy accounting

Control your expenses – and save time

There are many ways to simplify the management and reporting of expenses. An efficient way to do this is by using our expense management module, by means of digitizing expenses from payment to accounting. Thus making life easier for everyone in the company - from employees who pay the expenses to the controller and manager.

If you already have a Eurocard, then you are ready to get started - order the solution below under Digital approval of expenses and easy accounting.

If you do not have Eurocard, start with the cards and the app. Then grow into a full solution at your own pace.

Payments – save time and money

When you pay with a Eurocard, the payment process is simplified so as you can save time and money. Whether making global purchases or online payments with virtual cards - our solutions are designed to work together - from purchase to administration and follow-up.

Get started

Reporting on-the-go

Once the payment has been completed with Eurocard, you can easily create the expense report in the Eurocard Pro app and wherever you want. Making it the perfect tool to replace manual tasks and save time.

You can easily scan paper receipts or use pdf-receipts. The receipts are automatically linked to the transaction. When you are done with your expense report, you can e-mail it to the right person through the app. A smart way to save time and simplify administration.


Do you handle many transactions in your company? Check out the solution below.

Digital approval of expenses and easy accounting

If you want a digital solution from payment to accounting - you should choose the expense manager, which is a webbased module.

In the module, expenses made with a Eurocard are approved after the employee has forwarded the expense from the Eurocard Pro app along with the digital receipt. After the controller's approval of the expense, it can be sent directly to the accounting system - done!

With our expense manager, approximately 90% of accounting tasks related to expenses made with a Eurocard Corporate card are automated. This saves time and in turn provides you with a summary and quicker control of all the company's expenses.

It’s easy. Once you configure the integration to link with your account structure in your ERP system, all you have to do is press export to ERP in Expense manager and the work is done.

The solution can be used with all existing accounting systems.

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VAT tool included

Another benefit with Expense manager is Vattax – a tool that makes it easy to reclaim VAT for expenses made in the EU. Usually this is a complex undertaking but with Vattax it’s easy to reclaim what is rightfully yours. The solution transforms local VAT into real money. Vattax is included in Expense manager at no extra cost.


Save time

Every step in the expense handling process is simplified.

Gain control

The perfect tool for administrators, controllers and managers that want to stay in control.

Improve overview

See purchasing patterns and get insights that can help you in your decision making.

Report manager

  • Included in the free app
  • Price: 30 DKK/month/user
  • Digital submission of expense reports with receipts
  • Export of expense reports as pdf or .csv file and export of receipts as a zip file

Expense manager

  • Web based tool
  • Price: 55 DKK/month/user
  • Digital submission of expenses and receipts without having to create reports
  • Web portal overview and filtering of expenses across employees, spend categories, merchants etc
  • Digital approval flow
  • Digital processing of expenses
  • 90% automated booking by exporting to ERP systems
  • Digital storing and export of receipts to ERP systems

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Terms and prices

Three services designed to boost your processes



Digital receipts

Digital receipts

File transfer

File transfer

Your system

Your system

Take your expense management to the next level

Even if you already have a travel expense management system, we can still help you automate and improve processes. We work together with leading system suppliers and develop our solutions to help you get the most from your system.

Payments – save time and money

When you pay with a Eurocard, the payment process is simplified so that you can save time and money. Whether making global purchases or online payments with virtual cards - our solutions are designed to work together – all the way from purchase to administration and follow up.

Get started

Digital receipts – expense reporting made easy

A world without paper receipts is a better world. With our solution Smart receipts, receipts are sent directly to your smartphone, automatically paired with the right transaction and transferred to your expense management system. Very easy.

We work with just about every system vendor in the market and develop our solutions to get the most out of your system.

I need Smart receipts

File transfer – take control and cut costs

Filetransfer - is the key in getting more out of your expense management system. By transferring transactions and receipts digitally to your system, you free up time that you can use to create value – such as control, overview and analysis of expenses.

Apply (PDF)

Terms and prices

Your system – cut costs

According to our customers, companies can cut their administrative costs by up to 60 percent by implementing an expense management system where card and travel account transactions are imported directly into the accounting system. No matter how many receipts or employees you have, there is a solution for you.

With an automated payment solution, transactions run efficiently through the entire process – you are spared the hassle of currency conversions and manual accounting entries.


Save time

No more manual expense reporting, let digital solutions do the work for you.

Cut costs

With our solution you can cut administration costs by up to 60 percent.

Stay in control

You know that the information is correct, get insights and make better decisions.

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