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Insurance information

  • Information for holders of a private card

    You can cancel a trip if you or a member of your family becomes ill before departure. The insurance however, does not cover cancellation of a trip due to fear of being infected with the coronavirus.

    Cancellation cover ensures that you can cancel a trip due to acute illness or an accident before departure. If you present a medical certificate, your cancellation can be compensated in accordance with the terms and agreement of your travel insurance. You may also be compensated if you are infected with the coronavirus and have a medical certificate confirming this. Cancellation cover is only valid for airline tickets or hotels booked prior to your departure if you become acutely ill.

    If the airline should cancel the trip, neither your airline ticket nor your hotel is covered by the travel insurance on your card. Instead you should turn to your travel agent or the airline for help.

    Read more about what is included in each insurance policy and here you can find also contact information to your insurance company:
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  • Is the Cancellation cover valid for a trip to a country or destination that the State Department (UD – Utrikesdepartementet) advises citizens not to go to?

    The cancellation cover is only valid if you or someone in your party has become ill and you cannot go through with your trip.

  • Can I cancel a trip and get compensation from my insurance even though the State Department (UD – Utrikesdepartementet) has not dissuaded citizens to travel to this destination?

    No. Concern alone is not a valid claim to compensation from the insurance. The cancellation cover is only valid if you or someone in your party has become ill and you cannot go through with your trip. If you have already purchased a trip that you don’t wish to go on, you need to contact your travel agency and ask them about the possibilities of cancelling or rebooking.

  • Does the travel insurance cover costs for medical care during the trip?

    No. Our additional travel insurance policies do not cover medical care abroad.

  • Am I covered by the additional travel insurance if I choose to go home due to risk of being infected by the coronavirus?

    No. Your insurance does not cover your trip home if you are worried about being infected.

  • What if the travel agency or the airline closes down the destination or cancels the trip?

    If this happens prior to your departure, they are obligated to compensate you with a new trip at a later time – or grant you monetary compensation. If this should occur while you are already at your destination, you need to contact your airline to solve your return journey.

  • What happens if I am quarantined?

    The insurance does not cover your costs if you are quarantined due to the risk of spreading infection. This is a result of government intervention, which is exempt from the insurance terms.

  • What happens if the travel agency or the airline should go bankrupt?

    Contact your airline or travel agency for more information. If you have purchased the trip with your card, you have the option to dispute the card transaction.

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