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Expense manager

Here we have collected everything you need to know about the Expense manager.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is Expense manager?

In Expense manager the:

  • Cardholder can easily report expenses and include digitally receipts.
  • Manager can quickly approve expenses.
  • Controller can export expenses to the financial system with the click of a button.

Expense management becomes much easier for all parties involved.

Will Expense manager work for us?

The Expense management is perfect for small sized businesses, where employees must chase down lost receipts, make cumbersome expense reports and the company has to reimburse these expenses. Tasks which mean extra work for all parties involved.

Will Expense manager work with our accounting software?

Yes, it can be connected to most accounting systems. Eurocard can be integrated with E-conomic FortNox and our customised CSV export functionality is a great alternative in many other cases.

In which countries is Expense manager available?

The system is currently available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Who can handle the expenses and what access rights do they have?

When ordering the Expense manager the company decides who should be the primary user. This user will automatically receive all rights, enabling him to create other administrators, approve and reject expenses as well as exporting expenses to your financial system. This can be modified according to your needs.

In the Expense manager you can add one or more users with different rights:

  • Administrator – Can change settings and add new users.
  • Manager – Can approve and reject expenses.
  • Controller – Can export expenses to your financial system.
How do the employees handle their expenses?

Employees will be required to download the Eurocard Pro app, where they will be able to view all of their expenses, thus enabling themto easily scan receipts and report expenses.


How do we get started?

After ordering the Expense manager the administrator will receive an e-mail with the instructions on how to log in and configure the system. A simple start guide can be found here, which will help you to get started. 

Start guide (PDF)

If you require more detailed instructions on how to order the Expense manager, have categories and accounts created, information on how to use the Eurocard Pro app, how employees should manage their expenses and account for driving, this information can be found below in the implementation guide. The guide also covers the process on how employees’ expenses are verified and approved, along with the setup of exports to the financial system.

Implementation guide to Expense manager (PDF)

How do I report an expense in the Eurocard Pro app?

In the Eurocard Pro app you can report your expenses, regardless of whether you have paid with your Eurocard corporate card or if you are putting down the money yourself. You can also make an account for driving expenses. The following guide will show you how to do it.

The Eurocard Pro app: How to submit expenses to your bookkeeper (PDF)

How can intergration be setup in relation the financial system?

Data can be exported directly to the company's financial system from the Expense manager, regardless of whether you use e-conomic, Fortnox or would like to use excel-files or general CVS-files. In this guide, we will explain how this can be done.

How to set up an accounting integration (PDF)

This is how you prepare the Expense manager for use

To prepare the Expense manager and enable everyone in the company to be able to use it, it must be set up in a way that makes it easy for managers, controllers and administrators to use. In this guide we will show you, how to create accounts, counter accounts and export data to the financial system.

The Expense manager portal: How to set up your expense management (PDF)

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Expense manager

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