Partial payments

Thanks to the option of making partial payments of your invoice, combined with the card not having a fixed upper purchase limit, you can make a larger purchase and then allocate the expense over several months.

Having a credit limit* means the option of choosing a limit on how much of your invoice you will be able to pay. You decide the amount you want to pay on the invoice each month (a minimum of 3 or EUR 30 per month).

There is no extra charge for the ability to pay in partial payments, and you only pay an interest on those months where you actually choose not to pay the whole amount. On your invoice it is clearly stated what the minimum amount to pay is, the rest can be postponed for future invoices.

About partial payments

  • You can choose a credit limit ranging from EUR 1,000 to 10,000 (not higher than 10 % of your annual income).
  • You choose how much you want to pay when the invoice arrives, at least 3 % or EUR 30 per month of the invoice total amount, as long as the amount is within the credit limit. Of course, you can pay the entire invoice at once whenever you wish.
  • You only pay interest from the day you start with partial payment, which means you pay interest from the day the invoice is due - not from the date of purchase.
  • There is still fixed upper purchase limit for how much you can purchase with your card, even if you choose a partial payment of your invoice.

In order to apply for a credit limit, you need to have a Eurocard private card.

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Read more about the costs that apply to your card, when choosing a partial payment.

Prices, terms and conditions

*The credit limit of Eurocard Gold is 1.000–10.000 euro. The interest rate for a credit in use is 3 month euribor + 7 %. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) on a credit of 1.500 euro in use is 18,88 %. The reference rate used in the calculation of the APR is 3 month euribor (04/2024) and the annual fee of 50 euro has been taken into account therein. The estimated total payable credit of 1.500 euro, including interest and annual fee, is 1.638.89 euro assuming that the credit period is 12 months, the credit interest, the payments and the fees remain the same during the credit period and the credit is repaid monthly in 12 equal instalments. The agreement is valid 12 months at a time, unless the agreement is terminated. Additional information about the credit can be found in the Standard European Consumer Credit Information form, the card terms and conditions, and the price list.