Integrations with bookkeeping

Eurocard offers integration with the expense management systems in the list below. Some of them are also adaptable with Eurocard Smart receipts (see list).

Expense management system (supplier) Integrations
Accountor Expense (Findity AB) Check
Acubiz EMS Check
Administer Check
AD Travel (4human HRM AS) Check
Aspia MyBusiness Kvitto (Findity AB) Check
Azets Expense (Findity AB) Check
Basware TEM Check
BDO Kvitton & Utlägg (Findity AB) Check
Bezala Check
Bluegarden HR-Plus Check
Bluegarden HR-Portal (Paga Web) Check
Concur Expense (SAP Concur) Check
Continia Expense Management Check
Din lön (Flex Applications) Check
eBuilder Check
ECIT Expense (Findity AB) Check
Expense (Dicom) Check
Eye-share Check
Findity Check
Flex HRM Check
Fortnox Kvitto & Resa (Findity AB) Check
Hogia (Findity AB) Check
Ibistic Travel & Expense Check
Infor XM Check
KlaraPapper (Flex Applications) Check
KMD Check
Kontek (Flex Applications) Check
Mepco Matka Check
MobileXpense Check
Modern Utlägg & Resa (Findity AB) Check
Navidoc Expense Check
Payroll (Söderberg & Partners) Check
Procountor (Finago Procountor)  Check
Rexor Reseräkning Check
Roima Lean System Check
Rydoo Check
SAP Travel via DFØ Check
SD Worx (Aditro Expense) Check
Simployer HRM (Infotjenester) Check
Skovik Check
Sonet Premium (CGI) Check
Sonika Check
TravelPoolEurope (TPE) Check
TravelText Check
Unit 4 T & E (Current Reise og Utlegg) Check
Visma Companyexpense (Findity AB) Check
Visma M2 Check Expense Check
Visma PX Expense (Findity AB) Check
Visma Utlägg/SPCS (Findity AB) Check
Workday Check
Xledger Check