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90 days price protection

With Eurocard Platinum you have up to 90 days price protection insurance.

How does the price protection work?

The price protection replaces the difference between the purchase price and the reduced selling price for the same item, bought in Norway.

If you buy a watch for NOK 4,000 with your Eurocard Platinum and within 90 days you see the same watch for instance for NOK 2,500, you will be refunded the difference of NOK 1,500 with the price protection by filling in a claim form and submitting original receipts and documentation that the sales product was available at the time of purchase (not backlisted or sold out).

Below you will find an excerpt from the insurance terms. For a complete overview, see the Terms and Conditions below.

  • The price protection is only valid for purchases made with your Eurocard Platinum in stores in Norway.
  • Please note that there are special rules for products on sale.
  • The maximum compensation amount is NOK 12,500 per item and a total of NOK 82,000 per year.
  • Minimum compensation is NOK 250 per item.


For further information

Tryg Forsikring: +47 55 17 20 00
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