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Reduction of the number of payment days from February 1, 2024 

Due to increased costs, we need to make some changes to our business services. This will be done to be able to continue to maintain, develop and improve services for our customers and meet your needs. A consequence of this is that we will reduce the number of payment days for Travel Accounts to 15 days. The change will be implemented from February 1, 2024. You still have access to all the benefits of the service. 

Benefits of Travel Account:

  • All employees’ travels are debited to a common travel account.
  • All travel expenses are collected on one invoice - less administration and fewer invoices.
  • The travel account gives the company full control and a better basis for following up on expenses.

Do you need a longer payment time? 

If your company needs a longer payment time than 15 days, we can offer you a payment time of 30 days at an annual price of NOK 3 050. If you are interested in this, send an email to: NOTE! Remember to add Customer ID and/or org. no. in the email. If you have more than one Travel Account, please indicate which accounts you would like a longer payment time on. 

When the change is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from us. The charge for the extended payment deadline will appear on the next invoice. 

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