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Virtual card

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Say goodbye to hassle with subscriptions and compliance worries. The solution from Eurocard and Mazepay gives complete control over all online purchases, including B2B subscriptions and recurring payments.

Online spendings are a financial stress for many companies, and finding the right solutions and processes to ensure control over expenses, cost allocations, approvals and compliance can almost seem like an impossible task.

That’s why Eurocard and Mazepay has created a solution that will give companies financial, administrative and compliance control over all online spendings, including B2B subscriptions and recurring payments. This means no more physical cards or never-ending subscriptions – the entire payment process is made via Mazepay’s platform with unique virtual cards from Eurocard.

Total control of approvals

“B2B subscriptions are a very popular service with many companies and is expected to increase even more. The downside, however, is all the administration and compliance challenges, for instance with IT licenses. Together we solve this by giving total control of approvals and providing a much easier way to manage subscriptions and recurring payments”, says Anne Mette Bergmann, Key Account Manager at Eurocard.

Equivalent security level as SCA

No purchase can be made without pre-approval from management, making sure it is compliant with the company’s policies. The setup between Eurocard and Mazepay makes the platform so secure that Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is not needed, which further smoothens the process. The unique multi-use virtual card is set to a specific amount, number of recurring payments, expiry date and is locked to a fixed supplier. This gives companies better control of their expense management, and easy handling of both receipts and the company’s subscriptions.

“We see a lot of companies struggling with the same dilemma: having the payment of business-critical software connected to an individual card, which can be a struggle when the employee is leaving the company. The need for a better overview and handling became clear, and we are convinced that this solution will provide a release from that headache”, says Per Daluiso Salmonsen, International Sales Executive at Mazepay.

Stay in financial control over all B2B subscriptions and recurring payments:

  • A purchase can only be made with pre-approval from management.
  • Approval process can include multiple departments – legal, finance, IT security etc.
  • Multi-use virtual cards can be set to a specific amount, number of payments, expiry date and is locked to a fixed supplier.
  • The Mazepay platform provides an easy overview of all subscriptions and recurring payments for management and employees.
  • Easy to collect receipts for each subscription/recurring payment.

This solution from Eurocard and Mazepay is available and ready to be setup for your company. If you’re interested in learning more about the solution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Better overview with one complete invoice
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