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Smoother invoice flow with Travel Account

All purchases gathered on one invoice, means full control of costs, simplifying the administration of the company's purchases through the travel agency.

Travel Account

A travel account combines all of your travel expenses from travel agencies and other travel suppliers onto a single invoice. Fewer invoices mean easier administration, total control and better basis for keeping track of costs.

If your company has travel expenses for over SEK 100,000 per year, our Travel Account is the ultimate choice for you.

If your company has slightly lower travel expenses, we recommend you our Corporate card or Virtual card as a cost-effective alternative.

We’ll help you to

  • create new accounts
  • customize invoices according to your accounting procedures
  • attain statistics over all purchases
  • link your travel account to another travel agency
  • add suppliers of flights, car rentals, taxi, etc. so that they too can be invoiced via your travel account.

Benefits of the Travel Account

One single invoice

All employees' trips are charged to a joint travel account with one invoice.

Better documentation

Full control of costs and better documentation for cost monitoring.

Interest-free credit

All expenses are billed the following month with interest-free credit.

Eurocard Portal

Web-based tool for easy administration of Corporate cards and accounts. 

Book Now – Pay Later

Our additional “Book Now – Pay Later” service means that your company can choose to pay for tickets after the trip has been completed. Making an early booking means that you can often save 30-60% of the cost of plane tickets. And since you don´t have to pay for the plane tickets in advance, expense management and compliance of travel policies becomes easier. Please contact us for more information.

Invoicing in another currency

By choosing to invoice your travel account in a currency other than your local currency, you can minimize the currency risk between purchase and payment, while reducing the company cost of currency exchange at the bank. You can choose to receive the invoice in SEK, EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, NOK or PLN.

The solution is easy to introduce and does not involve any changes to your current travel agency agreements. The travel agency will continue to book and send delivery notes in the currency of your choice.

The solution is at the moment available in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

More information
If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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