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Access to Eurocard Portal

As part of our corporate card solutions, you will be granted free access to the Eurocard Portal as an additional advantage.

Eurocard Portal is our web-based tool for managing corporate card and accounts. Furthermore, the system will give you comprehensive overview and grant you full control of your agreement with us.

In the portal you can see:

  • Usage and balance for your corporate card, account and travel accounts
  • See invoices, payments and transactions

In the portal you can:

  • Order new cards
  • Cancel cards and accounts
  • Set purchase limit per 30-days on card that require limitations
  • See and update information on each cardholder

Open 24-7

When you log on to the portal you have access to all of your information around the clock and can manage your cards and accounts, when it suites you - without having to depend on our opening times for help! All information is updated in real time.

Intuitive tool

The portal is an intuitive tool, once you are logged in to the system, you will have a complete overview for your agreement, enabling you to see the many opportunities, the system has in store for you.

You will subsequently receive a welcome mail with more information about the Eurocard Portal once your application for a corporate card has been approved.