Forget plastic cards

Virtual cards simplifies paying online.

A lighter card

Do your employees often need to make smaller purchases online? No matter where you make purchases - such as ads on Google and Facebook or air travel - it's easier to digitize the process.

Eurocard Purchasing Account is a virtual card that allows employees to avoid using their own cards when making digital payments. All the company's purchases are collected on a single invoice, which can be sent directly to bookkeeping.


You already know how it works

Fill out your card details

Virtual card details that work anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Make your digital purchase

Whether it's Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, licenses, flight tickets or rental cars.

All payments in one invoice

Each month you'll receive an invoice with all expenses - overview in realtime in our app.

Get a simple overview of your advertising budget

See the distribution between your expenses to Google, Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube in one place - as soon as you're invoiced.

All you need is our app Eurocard. Log in and immediately get an overview of your payments to different ad platforms.


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Do you want more control?

Do you need a virtual card for single payments? Eurocard Single Use Account is a secure solution that generates a virtual one time card number for single purchases. You get full control over spending and increased security.

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