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Virtual cards simplify online purchases

Excellent for recurring digital expenses

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What is a virtual card?

  1. Many purchasing options: With our virtual card, you can handle all types of online business purchases. It's perfect for buying licenses, software, equipment, and other recurring or large orders required to operate your business efficiently.

  2. Simplified administration: Regardless if it's purchasing new IT equipment or renewing the company's software licenses, our virtual card makes the process easier. You can use several virtual cards for different purposes, which makes it easier to link invoices to the appropriate project or cost center. In other words, simplifying tracking and managing expenses. 

  3. Safer and more convenient: With virtual cards, there is no risk of plastic cards being lost or misplaced, and it's protected with the latest security technologies. Keep the company's expenses and your own expenditures separate with different cards.


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Maximise your advertising budget

With our virtual card, you can easily keep track of the company's expenses for various advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, or Youtube. As soon as you receive an invoice, you can see an overview of the expense distribution directly in the Eurocard app.

Our virtual card is not just a payment tool; it is a solution designed to give you full control over your digital expenses. With up to 45 days of interest-free credit, you have more possibilities to prioritize your expenses and payments at your convenience.

Card purchases just like usual

Fill in your card details

Virtual card information that works anywhere Mastercard is accepted

Make your digital purchases

Whether it is Google, Facebook, Linkedin, licenses, plane tickets, or rental cars

All purchases on the same invoice

Every month, you receive an invoice with all expenses - real-time overview in the app.

Invest in a better card

Our virtual cards are flexible, and the same goes for the payment - choose the billing period you prefer in the application.

Eurocard Purchasing Account

from 450 SEK /card/year

A virtual card for online purchases. Regardless if it's ads, subscriptions, or train journeys, the payment process becomes smoother when digitized.

  • A virtual card for all purchases online
  • You can have multiple virtual cards for different departments
  • Better overview with all digital purchases on one invoice
  • Flight tickets include information about the passenger's travel plan
  • Generous payment terms and interest-free credit
  • No fixed upper limit
Try for 6 months at no cost!

What is the difference compared to a traditional corporate card?

Our virtual card is specifically designed to handle the company's purchases, such as recurring digital payments, licenses, or large orders. Traditional corporate cards are primarily developed to manage employee travel and expenses.

Do you want more control?

Do you need a virtual card for individual purchases? Eurocard Single Use Account is a secure solution that generates a virtual card number for each individual purchase. Thus, you have full control over those slightly larger expenses that do not occur daily.

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