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Discount on legal assistance

The legal firm Hammervoll Pind DA is a total supplier of legal services in a number of jurisdictions and they have set up a team dedicated for following up inquiries.

As a private Eurocard cardholder you will receive a 20 % discount on assistance and legal advice within the following legal areas:

  • All issues related to property, including disputes for purchase and sale
  • Tenancy
  • District Court, easement, neighbour disputes
  • Planning and building law
  • Labour law
  • Administrative law
  • Insurance law
  • Torts
  • Professional liability
  • Contract law
  • Inheritance law
  • Family law
  • Dispute resolution, procedure for the courts
  • Assistance associated with the purchase and sale of expensive capital goods such as vehicles and boats
  • Tax law

Always for private Eurocard cardholders

You will receive up to 30 minutes free consultation and a 20 % discount at the law firm Hammervoll Pind DA for assistance and legal advice in a number of different areas of jurisdiction.

How do I access the offer?

Contact Advokat / Partner Kåre Klausen and state that you are a member of the benefit program regarding inquiries.
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