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Eurocard first choice for Cyntus AB – for 40 years

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The consulting company Cyntus started using Eurocard in the 1980s. As technology has evolved and the demand for flexibility increased, Eurocard remains the best solution for the business. A full-fledged corporate card, according to Karl Hoffman, CEO of Cyntus.

Cyntus AB started out as a family business but has today grown into a large group of companies, with consultancy companies in construction, contracting and housing. Today, they face many different challenges in their business, and their customers are increasingly demanding – so staff who know their field are a great asset, according to Karl Hoffman, who manages 35 employees and an equal number of subcontractors.

– “As a consultancy company, having the right expertise is essential today, precisely because this knowledge is also available to our customers,” says Karl Hoffman. “They know how long different parts take, how things are supposed to be done and what to expect.”

In 2015 Cyntus AB started its largest business – TJF Entreprenad and Gröna Bygget. Since then, the Group has continued to grow, and today there are six different companies that fall under Cyntus AB.

– “Our net sales of more than 100 million Swedish kronor are testament to our huge growth in recent years,” says Karl Hoffman.

Customised payment procedures

For the smooth, safe and flexible running of the business, it is essential that payment procedures work well. Cyntus currently has around 20 Eurocards in the Group’s companies, which are widely used in daily operations.

– “Each manager has a card for purchases for which an invoice is not an option,” says Karl Hoffman. “Within the owner family, we use corporate cards for everything – business entertainment, hotel expenses and so on.”

The security offered by Eurocard and the fact that the credit is not limited is crucial for Cyntus’ business, according to Karl.

– “I usually say that where they don’t accept Eurocards, they probably don’t accept any cards at all,” he says.

Secure service that saves time

Along with its corporate cards, Cyntus also uses Eurocard Portal – an administration tool in which all cards and accounts are managed. Cyntus uses the portal to order cards for new employees, as well as search for missing or unpaid invoices for all companies in the Group. The complete solution including the corporate card and Eurocard Portal has reduced financial administration in the various consultancy companies.

– “Using Eurocard saves us at least two hours a week,” estimates Karl Hoffman.

About Cyntus AB

The consultancy company Cyntus was founded in 1983, at that time under a different company name. It began within the family as a small accounting firm, but grew over the years and is now a strong group of companies including Exterium Uterum, Gröna Bygget, JLK Konsulter, Karl Hoffman Holding and TJF Måleri. Today, Cyntus has its primary operations in Stockholm and Gothenburg

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