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Swedish Government Chooses Eurocard’s Payment Solution


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The Swedish government has once more selected Eurocard as its supplier for card and travel account services. A decisive factor in their choice was the comprehensive digital payment solution that Eurocard is able to offer, covering the whole process from purchase to accounting.

Digitisation impacts society in a range of different ways and not least in terms of how we make and report payments. At the same time, we need our digital payment solutions to be simple, secure and to help us save time.
When the Swedish government procures card and travel account suppliers through the Swedish National Debt Office, their requirements for quality and security are exceptionally high.

The service can be adapted to all or to parts of the payment process

“The Swedish National Debt Office has been crystal clear in expressing their need for a wholly digital payments solution which is secure and can help keep down administration costs. Moreover, the solution naturally also needs to be compatible with future payment services,” says Gustavo Molano, Director of Sales at Eurocard, going on to say that:

“I am very pleased that the Swedish government continues to place their trust in us. This is an affirmation that we have got the right mindset and that we’re delivering sustainable payment solutions which will really make a difference to the country’s 215 public agencies.”

An adaptable digital service

The objective has been to help the government manage its expenses and payments as securely and efficiently as possible. One way we do this is via Eurocard Portal: a web-based tool which provides full control over all expenses, cards and accounts. But there are also other digital services on hand as well, including virtual cards for online purchases and smart receipts.

“Smart receipts are a service which help businesses and agencies to replace paper receipts with digital ones. The service can be adapted to all or to parts of the payment process, depending on exactly how digital you want to go,” says Michael Afram, Head of Framework Agreements at Eurocard, who goes on to say:

“It helps to save a great deal of time both for the person making the purchase and for the recipient of the expense report.”

The renewed agreement runs from 1 January 2022 for three years with the option to extend by one more year.

About the Swedish National Debt Office:

The Swedish National Debt Office is the government’s central financial administration and, among other things, is tasked with:

  • Procuring framework agreements for the Swedish government concerning cards and travel account services, banking services and prepaid card services.
  • Acting as the state’s internal bank
  • Borrowing and managing the national debt
  • Issuing state guarantees and credits
  • Assuming responsibility for the deposit guarantee scheme and investor protections
  • Assuming responsibility for the state management of banks in crisis


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