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Travel account for merchants

Collected information about travel account for merchants

For merchants

What is a merchant?

A merchant is a travel agency, hotel and travel related service provider who accept Travel Account as a payment method.

What is eService?

Diners Club eService is an internet tool that provides daily updated information about processed transactions and payments to our merchants.

From where do I access eService?
How do I gain access to eService?

If you do not already have a profile on Diners Club eService, please contact

We need the following information to create a profile:
  • Merchant name and preferably Merchant-ID.
  • Name and e-mail of the person who need a profile.
If several employees are to have access, we must have the names and e-mail addresses of everyone, as the profile in eService is personal.
How do I get an agreement as a travel agency, hotel or travel related service provider?

Terms and conditions

Contact us

Contact Merchant support

Merchant Support for travel agencies, hotels and travel related service providers:

Phone.: +45 36 73 73 49
(Mon – Thu 8.30-16.00, Fri 8.30-15.00)