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Travel Account

Here we have collected everything you need to know about travel accounts

Frequently asked questions

What is a travel account?

A travel account combines all of your travel expenses from travel agencies and other travel suppliers onto a single invoice. Fewer invoices mean easier administration, total control and better basis for keeping track of costs.

Can I receive invoices to our company by email?

Yes, you can get an invoice sent to your email as a password protected PDF.

Can I access the PDF invoice without password protection?

Unfortunately, that is not possible due to security reasons.

However, if you have Eurocard Portal you can also access your invoice there.
Log in to Eurocard Portal 

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Where can I see the transactions and invoices on our travel accounts?

If you have Eurocard Portal, you can log in there and see your invoices, accounts, non-billed transactions and more.

Log in to Eurocard Portal

Don't have Eurocard Portal?

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Why are there different bank account numbers for the travel account and our cards?

A travel account is offered by Eurocard in collaboration with Diners Club. Whereas, our cards are offered by Eurocard. They are two different products which are in two different systems that are therefore administered separately.

Who do I contact if my company is missing credit transactions?

Please contact your travel agency.

How can we get a credit invoice disbursed?

Please contact our customer support so we can help you as soon as possible.

How often can we receive an invoice?

You can receive an invoice monthly. Please contact us if you have other requests.

Prices, terms & conditions

Prices, terms & conditions



You can apply for a Travel Account here or through your Travel Agency.

For merchants

What is a merchant?

A merchant is a travel agency, hotel and travel related service provider who accept Travel Account as a payment method.

What is eService?

Diners Club eService is an internet tool that provides daily updated information about processed transactions and payments to our merchants.

From where do I access eService?
How do I gain access to eService?

If you do not already have a profile on Diners Club eService, please contact

We need the following information to create a profile:
  • Merchant name and preferably Merchant-ID.
  • Name and e-mail of the person who need a profile.
If several employees are to have access, we must have the names and e-mail addresses of everyone, as the profile in eService is personal.
How do I get an agreement as a travel agency, hotel or travel related service provider?
Terms & conditions
Contact Merchant support

Merchant Support for travel agencies, hotels and travel related service providers:

Phone.: +45 36 73 73 49
(Mon – Thu 8.30-16.00, Fri 8.30-15.00)
Travel Account

One single invoice

Fewer invoices mean easier administration, total control and better basis for keeping track of costs.

Corporate solutions

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