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Electronic invoicing

Here we have collected everything you need to know about electronic invoicing

Company-paid invoices

What is an electronic invoice?

Electronic invoice is a collective term for invoices which are issued, received and processed electronically (as opposed to e.g. a paper invoice, which must be processed manually). There are several types of electronic invoices. The most common are e-faktura for private online banking and Peppol or Svefaktura for the company's financial system.

Which products have electronic invoicing?

All our card and account products have electronic invoicing: Eurocard Corporate, Purchasing Account, Eurocard Single Use Account and Travel Account have electronic invoicing. We distinguish between company-paid invoices and privately-paid invoices and the invoicing format is determined by each type of card.

Which formats can my electronic invoices be delivered in?

Eurocard offers electronic invoicing in all common industry standard formats in the Nordic region. Our solutions have a high degree of flexibility inbuilt, which means that the invoice can be adapted to the process you have chosen for invoice administration.

We support invoicing in the following formats:
PEPPOL BIS Billing 3

What is a Svefaktura/Peppol invoice?

An Svefaktura/Peppol invoice is sent directly from the sender to the recipient's financial system, where it is read and processed automatically. This ensures that the invoice arrives quickly to the correct recipient.

In order to receive an Svefaktura/Peppol invoice, the company must have an agreement with a distributor.

Can invoices be delivered by e-mail?

Invoice information is classified as sensitive information in SEB. Therefore, we do not deliver invoices through unsecured methods such as open e-mail without the invoice itself being encrypted.

Who can order electronic invoicing?

The signatory or administrator can order electronic invoicing for company cards and account products.

What is the most suitable invoicing format for me?

Please contact your contract manager at Eurocard or Customer Service to discuss the options available to you.

Privately-paid invoices

Which products include electronic invoicing?

All our card products have electronic invoicing. In instances where invoices are paid privately by the cardholder, we offer e-faktura.

I have a Eurocard Corporate and am responsible for paying the invoice myself. Can I get electronic invoicing?

Yes, you can request an E-faktura to your private online bank.

What is e-faktura?

An e-faktura is completed directly in the online bank, and must be approved by the recipient before it is debited to the account. Many companies offer e-faktura to invoice private individuals, and you must approve the proposal/request to receive e-faktura from the relevant company in your online bank.

Who can order electronic invoicing?

For privately-paid invoices, the cardholder creates an eInvoice in the online bank.

Can invoices be delivered by e-mail?

Invoice information is classified as sensitive information in SEB, and can therefore not be sent using unsecured methods such as open e-mail without the invoice itself being encrypted.

What are the benefits of E-faktura?

Invoices are delivered directly to the cardholder's online bank and the cardholder can avoid paying a fee for paper invoices. It is also an environmentally friendly alternative.

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