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Everyone benefits from cards with corporate liability


Corporate card

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Who should have liability when it comes to corporate cards – employees or the company? A report from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) states that companies can benefit from having cards with corporate liability.

One of the main obstacles for companies who aim to reach higher efficiency in their expense management, is employees using corporate cards with personal liability, or even personal credit cards.

The reason is all of the transaction data, that remains in the hands of the employee until they report their expenses. Making it impossible for the company to have control of the expenses that are waiting to be reported.

And at the same time, employees are left with the payments while waiting for reimbursement from the company. So there are a few good reasons to choose a credit card with corporate liability.

Despite this, many companies still aren’t taking action.

A report conducted by Eurocard in collaboration with The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) shows that a shy 68 percent of Nordic companies issue credit cards to employees for work related expenses. Among companies with the most efficient expense management, the number is higher – up to 80 percent.

Increased control and security

One additional issue that speaks in favour of companies choosing credit cards with corporate liability, is that they can improve on control and security.

Advanced software gives an overview over all company cards, enabling the option to set limits and close them when needed. Smartphones with the right apps can make life easier for every employee.


  • Many companies lack a clear policy for what credit cards employees should use for work related expenses.
  • Credit cards with corporate liability are the best base to work from when building an efficient automated process for expense management,
  • When using credit cards with corporate liability, the company gains better control over company spending.
  • New software enables the option to overview cards and change limits in real time.

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