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Smart digital receipts simplifies expense management

Digital receipts straight to bookkeeping

With our Smart receipts solution, you'll have your receipts directly in your phone as soon as you make a purchase. There, they are matched with the correct transaction and automatically sent to bookkeeping. You can also take a photo of regular receipts, or upload digital receipts to the app. It simplifies expense management for you who made the purhase, and the person who approves it.

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Three benefits of Smart receipts

Save receipts in your phone

Simplify expense management by linking the receipt and transaction digitally. Take a photo of your receipt or let it be handled automatially.

No more lost receipts

An automated and digitized process is both safer and more efficient. Spend less time on digging through your wallet for lost receipts

Save 12 min per receipt

Everyone saves time, both the one who makes the expense and the one who reveiws them. A convenient way to save time and money.

Receipts are the hidden time thief

Nordic companies spend on average more than 100 hours per month on manual receipt handling. Read our new report and see where in the expense management process you lose the most time, and how you can easily avoid it.

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Which expense management systems work with Smart receipts?

Collaborating with about 50 expense management systems, we can offer a flexible experience. Regardless of which system your company uses. Click below to see if your particular system works with Smart receupts.

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Easier expense management

All receipts can be smart

Smart receipts also work with paper, PDF and email receipts. You can easily take a photo, and upload them to the Eurocard app where you pair them with the correct transaction. Visible directly after a purchase.

The receipt is then automatically sent to your expense management system together with the transaction. Everything in the same place when it's time for expense reports. Simple and flexible, just as it should be.

  • Paper receipts
  • PDF receipts
  • Email receipts
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Smart receipts

375 SEK/year per card

  • Automatically pairs receipts with the right purchase data
  • Minimize risks and cut administration costs
  • Save valuable time for both employees and administrators
  • Purchase data and receipts sent straight to your expense management system

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