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3 tips that simplify working from home for employees


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With the right digital tools, the chances are that work will flow smoothly, even when all employees work from home. Here are three tips to simplify the management of your company's expenses.

1. Use virtual business cards

Many companies rely on being able to quickly and safely shop online – ads on Facebook, software and subscriptions are common examples. Virtual cards are a smart solution, and also help employees when working from home.

You avoid the challenge of sharing a single physical business card. It’s also safer as you reduce the risk of the card going astray. In addition, you receive all purchases on one single invoice instead of lots of invoices from different suppliers.

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2. Report spending in an app

Receipt accounting is something that many people consider both boring and complicated. The absolute simplest solution is to report the expenses in an app. That way, you can fix your expenses within a minute, as you do your shopping.

Not only do you save time, you also avoid the pile of paper receipts at the end of the month. And since each receipt is already linked to an expense, all the information can be forwarded on to the Expense manager, see next item.

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3. Manage your expenses digitally

It’s always important to have a good overview of the company's expenses, especially when working from home. With the Expense manager web tool, it’s easier than ever. You’ll be able to see all the company's expenses, together with receipts and clear information about the purchase. You can approve or deny the expense with the push of a button.

This is a smooth solution for all companies that don’t have their own TEM solution, but still want full control over their expenses. And because the information is digital, it’s easy to export it to the company's financial system. Easy for everyone.

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