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Here, we've gathered everything you need to know before you start using your Eurocard.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • How do I activate my new Eurocard?

    For security reasons, you must activate your card before using it the first time. The card is easily activated when you enter your pin code at the first in-store purchase. To make your first purchase online, you need to activate the card by logging in to My Eurocard on the homepage or in the app.

  • Where can I use Eurocard?

    Eurocard is affiliated to Mastercard and is accepted worldwide.

    You can search on to see if your card is accepted and where you can find ATMs that accept Eurocard on your destination.

  • What should I think about when it comes to card security?

    Here are some good tips for card security:

    • Treat your card for the value it's worth
    • Take special care with the card if someone grabs your attention, for example at a market or an ATM.
    • Never give out your PIN code.
    • Always check the amount before approving a purchase. Once you have entered your PIN code, you have approved the purchase.
    • When you receive your invoice - check that the amounts match your receipts.
    • Do not disclose card numbers, codes or personal information via email or sms.

    If you lose your card - block it immediately! Call +47 21 01 50 40 (open 24 hours).

  • Can I choose my own PIN code?

    Yes, with Eurocard you can choose your own easy-to-remember PIN code.

    Call customer service and ask to choose your own PIN code. Have your card to hand when you call.

    Please note: for security reasons, we do not accept card information via email.

    You will receive a letter in the mail giving you the opportunity to choose your own PIN code. This must be done within 10 days.

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