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Eurocard Corporate Gold

Pricelist, 1 March 2020

Arrangement fee DKK 0
Annual price per year – corporate card with corporate liability DKK 1,125
Annual price per year – corporate card with personal liability

DKK 1,795
Cash withdrawal fees 2 % of the amount withdrawn (min. DKK 50)
Currency surcharge 2 % purchase/cash withdrawals, foreign currency
Replacement card (blocked card/customer asks for replacement) DKK 0
Replacement card (card broken - chip/PIN/name change)* DKK 150
Account statement through eBoks – ONLY for card with private liability DKK 0
Fee for account statement on paper, per account statement on individual invoicing DKK 25
Copy of invoice DKK 100
Copy of invoice* DKK 250
Invoice older than 6 months: DKK 350
Copy of note (only if note = invoiced) DKK 150
Card delivery abroad DKK 200
Price as of 30 August 2024: Express delivery of card outside of the Nordics: DKK 900
Express delivery of card DKK 0
Price as of 30 August 2024: Within the Nordics: DKK 450
Emergency cash within 48 hours DKK 500
Respite of payment DKK 200
Reforwarding of payment slips in connection with settlement scheme DKK 100
Re-order PIN code* DKK 150
Paper application* DKK 500
Cancellation of card* DKK 100

Additional services

Extension of payment term by 10 days - per card per year DKK 100
Lounges See all lounges and prices here
Penalty interest 24% p.a
Reminder fee – reminder 1 DKK 100/reminder
Reminder fee – reminder 2 DKK 150/reminder
Reminder fee – reminder 3 DKK 300/reminder
Collection fee DKK 400
Collection charge DKK 600
Establishment of voluntary settlement: Extrajudicial debt-collection costs are calculated pursuant to statutory order no. 601 of 12 July 2002
Payment per hour excl VAT DKK 500
Payment IT, per hour excl VAT DKK 1,000
Registration According to applicable law
Obtaining office copy of the Land Register DKK 175

On August 30, 2024, we will raise our prices. For example, we will increase the fee for express cards within the Nordics to DKK 450 and outside Nordics to DKK 900 (for both our private and corporate cards). If you do not agree with the changes, you can cancel your card free of charge by sending a secure message via the Eurocard-app or My Eurocard. 

*The price applies to customers with Eurocard Portal who use manual services from Customer Service.

Protection in the event of card misuse by cardholder owning a corporate card with company liability and individual invoicing.

Card misuse by cardholder compensation levels:

  • Coverage per card holder: DKK 240,000, of which the maximum amount of cash per cardholder is DKK 24,000.
  • Coverage per company agreement per year: DKK 2 500,000.
  • Coverage is stated per calendar year. Cash should include, but not be limited to, cash withdrawals, money transfer and purchase of various instruments that can be used as payment method.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions (pdf)
General terms (pdf)

Currency conversion from foreign currency to DKK

When converting from a foreign currency the exchange rate received by Eurocard from Mastercard is used. Exceptions may occur. For all currencies there is a currency exchange surcharge, as stated in the price list.

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