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Eurocard Purchasing Account

Price list applicable as of 1 February 2023

Price per year - payment term 10 days DKK 350
Price per year - payment term 30 days

DKK 700

Electronic invoice DKK 0
Currency surcharge 2%  plus additional costs charged by Mastercard.
Replacement card DKK 180
Copy of invoice* DKK 250
Invoice older than 6 months: DKK 350
Reminder fee - reminder 1 DKK 100
Reminder fee - reminder 2 DKK 150
Reminder fee - reminder 3 DKK 300
Default interest 24%
Collection fee DKK 400
Collection charge DKK 600

*In the Eurocard Portal you can find copy of invoices for the past 12 months, cardholders list, change limits on and update employee ID, free of charge. Read more about Eurocard Portal and the tools options here

Terms and conditions (pdf)
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