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Integrations with Smart receipts and bookkeeping

Eurocard offers Smart receipts integrations with the travel and expense management systems below. We can also integrate daily transaction data without digital receipts to even more expense management systems, which you can see in the list here.

Expense management system (supplier) Standard Real time
Cardlay Expense   Check
HRM Software   Check
PE Accounting   Check
Visma M2   Check
Wolfpack   Check
zExpense (Zebon)   Check
Accountor Expense (Findity AB) Check  
Aspia MyBusiness Kvitto (Findity AB) Check  
Azets Expense (Findity AB) Check  
Basware TEM Check  
BDO Kvitton & Utlägg (Findity AB) Check  
ECIT Expense (Findity AB) Check  
Expense (Dicom) Check  
Eye-share Check  
Findity Check  
Flex HRM Check  
Fortnox Kvitto & Resa (Findity AB) Check  
Hogia (Findity AB) Check  
Infor XM Check  
KMD Check  
Kontek (Flex Applications) Check  
Modern Utlägg & Resa (Findity AB) Check  
Payroll (Söderberg & Partners) Check  
Rexor Reseräkning Check  
Unit 4 T & E (Current Reise og Utlegg) Check  
Visma Companyexpense (Findity AB) Check  
Visma.net Expense Check  
Visma PX Expense (Findity AB) Check  
Visma Utlägg/SPCS (Findity AB) Check  
Xledger Check