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5 tips for using your company card securely online


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Many companies make most of their purchases online. Here are some tips that can make it smoother and more secure the next time you buy online.

1) Use a secure connection
Work only on your work devices and use a secure internet connection, such as an encrypted WiFi or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

2) Check that online stores use Mastercard Identity Check!
Mastercard Identity Check is a global security standard to which many online stores are associated. This means that you confirm your purchase online with BankID or with a one-time password via SMS.

3) Never give out information unnecessarily
Never enter your card number, codes or personal information other than when you pay.

4) Use a virtual card for regular purchases
Do you often make purchases online? With a virtual card you can avoid using your own card when online shopping. Another benefit is that all the company's purchases are collected on a single invoice, which can be sent directly to the company's accounting system.

5) If you get unlucky – block the card immediately!
As soon as you suspect any kind of card fraud or if you’ve lost your card, you should block it immediately. Don't forget to also make a police report.

If you have a Eurocard, you can block it by calling us:
Denmark: +45 70 301 201
Finland: +358 8 0015 5777
Norway: +47 21 01 53 20
Sweden: +46 774 24 24 24

If you have access to BankID, you can block the card and order a new card yourself by logging into My Eurocard or log into the Eurocard app.

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