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"Eurocard is the only solution for us"

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As technology company Thurne has operations in several countries and employees who all travel for work, it needs a corporate card that works wherever they are. Without it, our business would not exist, says Martin Evers, CEO of Thurne.

When he was interviewed, Martin Evers was in Thurne's Helsinki office, but he could just as well have been in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Riga or the company's office in Poland. Because that's what a working day looks like for him and his 30 colleagues, who are all constantly travelling.

- We are all salespeople and our business concept is very much based on going to the customer and solving things on site, which of course means a lot of travelling, he says.

Thurne sells machines, systems and components to the pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries. Martin Evers describes it as a fast-moving industry where they work hard to solve sustainability issues.

Only Eurocard now

-It’s important to keep up with what’s going on and act quickly when needed. This only works if employees are empowered to make their own decisions. At our company people have both freedom and responsibility; everyone has their own corporate card and books everything for business trips themselves," he says and continues.

-The second thing you need is a means of payment that you can really trust. We made a complete switch to Eurocard in 2021 because we needed a card that works seamlessly no matter which country we’re in. We often make purchases on the spot to complete tasks, such as spare parts for customers, and the card we use mustn’t complicate things. I've done a lot of research myself and compared different cards and I came to the conclusion that Eurocard is the only solution for us, says Martin Evers.

Complete control with the Eurocard Portal

While much of the responsibility for corporate cards lies with employees, as CEO he of course needs a complete overview of all the purchases made within the company. The Eurocard portal, a web-based tool, is there to help, allowing him to manage each card in real time.

- I can monitor expenses, set purchasing limits, add new cards and cancel and block cards if necessary. The Eurocard portal gives me the control I need over our purchases. He continues:

-The alternative — working with different credit card portals in different countries — would be completely unmanageable for us, given how complicated it would be. I often say that Eurocard is like a "one stop shop" for me.

A card for every need

  • Receipt reporting with our app
  • Lounges
  • Travel protection

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