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Eurocard Portal

Here we have collected everything you need to know about Eurocard Portal

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is Eurocard Portal?

    E-admin is our webbasede tool that helps you get complete control over purchases and expenses. It is a user-friendly tool that gives you an overview of the compay's cards and accounts as well as invoices and transactions. In addition, you can apply for new cards and stop cards that no longer need to be used, for example if an employee stops.

  • I am having trouble logging in, so how do I change my mobile number as an administrator?

    Basically, we recommend that you log in with BankID/ NemID, but if you prefer to log in with sms otp and you have received a new mobile number, then you must contact us to have it changed.

  • As an administrator, am I able to view invoices?
    Yes, as an administrator you can view company invoices in Eurocard Portal. You are also able to view invoices across countries if needed and if relevant. 
    Invoices in PDF-format for cards and Purchasing Account agreements issued in Norway are not available for the time being, but can be seen online. Invoices in PDF-format will be available during the first quart er of 2021.
    Invoices are stored for one year.

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  • How can I as an administrator for e-admin modify an address or telephone number for a cardholder?
    You log in to the system and send a message.
    The message must contain the arrangement number, cardholder name and the information which must be updated.
  • How do we apply for access to Eurocard Portal?

    You can apply for access to the Eurocard Portal via this PDF. If you need to apply for access to several companies, an application must be filled in per. corporation.

    Apply here

  • Can we apply for a Purchasing Account via Eurocard Portal?

    No, it is not possible to apply for a Purchasing Account via Eurocard Portal.

    Apply for a Purchasing account here

  • How do we add more administrators?
    If you need to create more administrators, you must complete one application per administrator.
  • How can we receive a list of all the cardholders on a corporate agreement?
    If you are an administrator, you will be able to view a list of alle cardholders by logging into the system.
    If you do not have Eurocard Portal, you wil be required to contact us.

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  • We would like to transfer a card to a different agreement or entity, how do we do that?
    A card can only be transferred between different organization numbers by making a new application. Remeber to close the old card.
    A card can be transferred between agreements under the same organization number. You will be required to contact us in order to do so.
  • How do I cancel my access?

    In order to cancel your access, you will be required to contact us.


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